In January 2020, the World Economic Forum in Davos announced an ambitious initiative to plant 1 trillion trees in support of the UN’s decade-long ecosystem restoration.

This project’s goal is to essentially plant 1 trillion trees by 2030 as a means of restoring the ecosystem. Ghana also has the “Green Ghana Project,” which seeks to create a collective action toward the restoration of degraded landscapes in the country, mitigate climate change, and inculcate in the youth the values of planting and nurturing trees and their associated benefits. On Earth, the globe of life, humans cannot fathom life without trees. Since trees provide homes for birds and other creatures, they maintain ecological balance, prevent soil erosion, supply oxygen, and avoid environmental contamination.

As a volunteer group whose core objective is nature conservation, that is, endeavoring to advance the conservation of wetlands, marine life, and forests, we teamed up with the Department of Forestry Commission of Effutu Municipal and a Geography class in Swedru Senior High School to plant 160 trees. We believe that this will help advance the World Economic Forum initiative, maintain the Green Ghana project’s value of inculcating in the youth the value of tree planting, and also project our core value of nature conservation.

The project was led by Mr. Moses Oppong Antwi, who is an astute member of the projects and programs team at Green Innovation for People and Nature.