Greenovature formerly called Youth Legacy Ghana is committed to protecting your data and your privacy. We aim to ensure that any information you give us is held securely and safely. Greenovature is a registered non-governmental organization operating in Ghana. Greenovature bears the registration number CG094182019 under the registrar general’s department of Ghana. The organisation is certified under the Companies Act 1963 (Act 179). The website referred to in this document is data information is protected and strictly monitored by our web development team, led by Mr. Adu Mensah Junior.

Data Protection

Greenovature is concerned about data security. We collect information when you visit our website, contact us, or participate in our campaigns and events. This allows us to gain a better knowledge of your interests and improve the quality and relevancy of all of our communications with supporters. Greenovature and its affiliates will never share your information with a third party for marketing reasons, and we will never sell your information to anyone for any reason. We understand how important this is, and we want to reassure you that you always have a choice over how we use your personal information for marketing and fundraising purposes. We know that this is important and want to reassure you that you are always in control of how we use your personal information with regard to marketing and fundraising activities. We do, however, need to collect and use your personal information for carefully considered and legitimate business purposes, such as event marketing, monthly newsletters, and email marketing.


The primary purposes for which we will use your personal information are to assist us in carrying out our environmental sustainability activities more effectively, such as through your participation in our campaigns and events, or to assist us in raising funding to carry out our work around the world.

When we collect and use your personal data, we will always try to be straightforward, honest, and transparent with you. The list below summarises the various reasons why we might gather and utilise your information. Your personal information may not be used for all of these purposes. It will be determined by the nature of your relationship with us as well as how you interact with Greenovature as a company.


Greenovature will always ask for your consent to send you marketing by email, SMS, and Whatsapp. We will also ask you for your consent before contacting you by telephone for the purpose of marketing. Should we ever ask you to provide any sensitive personal data about yourself, for example, any health condition that may be relevant if you are taking part in a Greenovature activity, we will always seek your explicit consent to process this data. When you give us consent to process your data, we will always keep a clear record of how and when this consent was obtained, and you can withdraw this consent for all channels and activities at any time by contacting us at or calling us on +233 (0)54191649.

What information do we collect?

We collect and use personal information such as names and address details, as well as other contact information such as email addresses and telephone numbers. We also collect information about the services individuals use on our website, including any purchases or financial transactions made and any marketing preferences given.