Environmental Impact Assessment

Are you an industry looking forward to conducting an environmental screening or further report and initial environmental examination? We have got you covered at GREENOVATURE. We have able personnel with relevant skills in writing environmental impact assessment reports. We capture the entire EIA process, including

  • Project Screening
  • Initial or Preliminary Environmental Survey
  • Project Scoping and Terms of Reference
  • Largescale Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Environmental Impact Assessment and Public Opinion
  • Project Monitoring and Surveys
  • Project Auditing and Evaluation

We also offer outstanding surveys for all forms of flora and fauna. Our experts have got you covered for a succinct environmental impact assessment.

Nature-Based Solutions

Nature-based solutions (NbS) enable this by collaborating with nature to benefit both humans and biodiversity. Rather than working against natural processes, as so much grey infrastructure (building areas) does, NbS incorporates natural urban environments. Nature-based solutions are incorporated into the design and management of construction and infrastructure. They can concentrate on the preservation, restoration, or long-term management of natural and semi-natural ecosystems, as well as the development of new ecosystems such as urban “green infrastructure.” For this theme, we offer request advisory and free consultation.

Forest Health Analysis

Forest management is a critical ecosystem component. Deforestation is increasing in sub-Saharan African regions, which is destroying biodiversity and, in the future, will increase global warming. The healthiness of forest increase carbon uptake hence forest are defined in the climate contest as carbon sinks. A decrease in the spatial extent and density of forests is an important biodiversity concern.  We offer a modern technology survey to measure the healthiness of forests by utilizing earth observation images. Link up with us for all work related to forest management surveys. 

Urban Planning and Design

Urban areas present both possibilities and impediments to combating global climate change. The magnitude of anthropogenic-caused climate change is largely driven by our global failure to collaborate effectively and reduce urban industrial activities. Waste generation is an important sustainability challenge that poses a risk of food shortages and price increases in products. 

Our priority is to design urban regions that incorporate green concepts and lifestyles into their core. We offer urban design mapping for stakeholders that are keen to transform urban centres. 

Citizen Science

Citizen science is the new methodology used to understand the nitty-gritty of issues confronting deprived societies. Through our able experts, we are able to provide citizen science studies for social researchers and imprint the right methods for carrying out a project. With our two years of experience in conducting social surveys, we can support your work in drafting citizens’ views on societal development.