Our Background
Sustainable livelihood for all
Started as a group of students interested in advocating for environmental protection, Green Innovation for People and Nature formally called Youth Legacy Ghana has become a leading youth group that works to ensure environmental sustainability.

Our work includes; community involvement in environmental governance and leadership youth education on wetlands, and promoting environmental research among young people.

Our Vision

We envisage a world where environmental resources are used in ways that safeguard people’s livelihoods and natural boundaries.

Our Mission

Our objective is to promote sustainable livelihood for in an equitable and diverse approach through youth leadership, community engagement, and youth-led researches.

Youth Educated

Areas of Focus
We pattern our works following the sustainable livelihood framework. The SLA models suggest that the capabilities, assets, and activities required for a way of life are referred to as one’s livelihood. A livelihood is sustainable when it can cope with and recover from stresses and shocks, as well as maintain or improve its capabilities and assets now and in the future, without compromising the natural resource base.

We focus on climate change adaptation and mitigation implementation in rural and urban poor communities. We are keen on ending all forms of unsustainable livelihood, especially in wetlands-based communities. 


Did you know that your lifestyle influences climate change? Yes, it does! At Greenovature, we endeavor to educate you on the best lifestyle options that will help you live a happy life. We embark on homestead sustainable lifestyle practices such as recycling products, reusing bags, designing with plastic, purchasing second-hand products, and giving the used products to charity. We also educate people about using affordable and healthier transport such as walking, skating, and cycling.

We stimulate scientific innovation to contribute to the development of urban and peri-urban areas, with a concentration on densely populated areas. Our innovative ideas are bent on urban design and redevelopment research that includes community-based and nature-based approaches. We press toward enhancing the livelihood of urban poor and rural areas with clean technologies while ensuring they can adapt, adopt, cope, and withstand all forms of future vulnerability. The target redesigning of urban regions to reduce growing trends of urban heat island effects is part of our core mandates to combat climate change. We focus on urban greening and advocate for a circular urban economy. 
We pursue to advance the conservation of wetlands, marine life, and forests through restoration programs, advocacy, and community-based outreaches. Our goal is to restore deteriorated areas.
A Note

About Our Patron

“Dr. Esther is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Education in Winneba and an accomplished researcher. Dr. Esther is passionate about urban development and slum restoration and also interested in youth-led efforts to improve livelihoods. “

– Mrs. Esther Yeboah Danso-Wiredu